My review of duckdose (online modafinil vendor)

DuckDose Introduction

As a fan and user of Modafinil, I know how hard it is to find a good provider online, that is both safe and reliable.

Modafinil and its big brother Armodafinil (which is more powerful) can only be purchased with a prescription from a medical professional, or from other governments that are entitled to give it as a prescription around the world. Of course, all these control methods are in place because of its powerful effects.

Nootropics users like me, have to rely on internet-based suppliers of Modafinil, to find a cheap and safe source to get it. DuckDose is one such supplier, and I will review them here, in this article, so other people interested in getting Modafinil find out about this great website.

DuckDose in an online shop for Modafinil and Armodafinil. They are one of the cheapest vendors that you can find. The 200 mg Modafinil tablet is $0.80, and you get free express shipping around the world.

Vendor Details


Worldwide (with a few exceptions), including United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Payment platforms accepted:

Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin

Available discounts:

20% Bitcoin discount + 15% Returning Purchase discount

Shipping time:

Shipping time ranges from 7 to 21 days, depending on where you are from.

Shipping time estimates for major markets:

United Kingdom (3 to 7 days), United States (6 to 14 days) and Australia (6 to 14 days)

At DuckDose, you can choose from 2 different brands: HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma. Sun Pharma is a big company that produces a variety of drugs that are used in the USA. HAB Pharma is produced in India. The difference of price it’s because of the binding agent used, according to DuckDose, and they recommend trying both brands and see which one is more suitable for you.

Why I Recommend Them

You get free express shipping – Express mail shipment (EMS) is a standard at DuckDose and it costs no additional fees. All orders get shipped via EMS.

You find cheap prices – Usually speaking, Modafinil is quite expensive. If you buy it from Pharmacies, it usually costs $1 per 100 mg tablet. But prices are much lower at DuckDose. If you look up the cheapest brand for Modvigil, it costs only $0.80 per 200 mg tablet. If we do the math, that is 50% cheaper than the typical market price, with $0.40 per 100 mg.

You get free reshipping – If something is up and your order gets held up at customs (which rarely happens), you can contact the DuckDose customer service and get a free reshipment. However, they won’t do it if you entered incorrect shipment details or if the order failed multiple times to be delivered.

You have multiple choices of payment – Some other stores only accept Bitcoin as a payment method or other inconvenient ones. But not DuckDose. They accept both MasterCard and Visa, and also Bitcoin. And if you pay with Bitcoin, you can get a nice discount for your order. I love to have multiple choices when it comes to payment. It’s a downside that they don’t accept PayPal, but due to the nature of the product and PayPal’s strict rules, it’s understandable.

You can choose from two different pharmaceutical manufacturers – You can choose here between Sun Pharmaceutical, which is a multi-billion company known all over the world, and HAB Pharmaceuticals, which is cheaper in price and lesser known.

You get nice discounts – For Bulk: The more your order, the more you save, up to a certain number of pills. – For returning customers: up to 15% discount if you are a repeated customer. All these discounts work together and they stack, including with the discount for Bitcoin.

You are secured – All the information is encrypted, so all your payment information is safe. Encryption means that the data that is transited is coded, in such a way that only visitors and the main server can view it. If someone tries to sneak out the information will only see encrypted data, which is impossible to decrypt even with today’s technology. It’s the same encryption method that your bank, email provider or trustworthy retailers use.

DuckDose Website Review

The website is very nicely done, with great graphics but also amazing simplicity. They take into account user experience. As soon as you load the page, you see 4 different options from which you can choose from: 2 Armodafinil brands and 2 Modafinil brands. Simple to use, just
click on whatever you want to buy and you will be redirected to that page.

What is really nice here is that the pricing is provided right below the product’s information. That is different because on most vendors you have to click a drop-down menu to see all the pricing. But everything is displayed upfront here, with no hidden things. You get to see everything that you need: the pricing, the dosage, and of course the manufacturer.

DuckDose has one of the best websites in the industry, both as for design and user experience. You can easily track your order by clicking the ‘Track’ button, located in the top menu bar. All orders from DuckDose receive free tracking.

What is even greater, is that the website has a lot of information about Modafinil and its effects. You can read on their website the side-effects and the benefits of using it.


According to DuckDose, Modafinil can be useful for:

– Executives:

Wakefulness Promoter, Cognitive Enhancer

– Gamers:

Better Planning, Reduced Reaction Times

– Academics:

Improved Learning Capacity and Attention-span

– Athletes:

Motivation Booster

Awesome Customer Support

When we talk about DuckDose, we talk about excellent customer support. Whatever issue, question or problem you have, just send the ‘ducks’ an email and you will receive an answer in no time.

I had a very great experience with them and whenever I needed to communicate with the customer support, I got helped pretty quickly.

They even have a subreddit where they talk with the community about their services. Anyone can post there question, experiences and anything about DuckDose.


If you want to buy Armodafinil and Modafinil, DuckDose is the best place for you. I haven’t found a better store than this one. While there are some great options, no one can match DuckDose excellence in every area of its service.

You get fast and free shipping, the prices are cheap, the customer support is world-class and you can track your orders. What else can we ask from them?