Staying sharp and alert

Any nutrient that is good for your body is also necessary for your brain. Vitamin C, D, E and vitamin B complex helps to keep your brain sharp and alert. Research shows that people who provide proper nutrition to their system tend to perform well when they undergo cognitive tests.  Modafinil has also been classified as the best drug for enhancing cognitive capabilities. Modafinil enhances power, energy and mental performance with minimal side effects.

Modafinil is regarded as the prince of smart drugs that improves the memory and gives wonderful ability to focus. The drug works by simultaneously acting on several neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals which transmit signals from one cell to another in the brain.

Modafinil also serves as a perfect option for providing maximum concentration in school or at work especially if you are experiencing unnecessary fatigue. It boosts your productivity level and makes you go beyond your limits to achieve great results. Although, you might find it difficult to understand the legal restriction associated with your country when you want to buy modafinil online. In some countries, modafinil is allowed to be bought as a prescribed drug while some countries may allow people to buy modafinil online without taking the prescription into consideration.

Even though getting back to the learning mode and activating the memory can be quite difficult. Modafinil and other drugs help to keep the brain sharp and alert. In addition to this, here are some tips that also helps you to stay mentally sharp and alert.

Drink Coffee

Research has shown that caffeine has a substantial positive impact on the memory and it also helps you to stay sharp. Caffeine arouses you by boosting your brain power. Paying attention is the key secret of forming new memories and caffeine helps you to achieve it. Caffeine also lowers the risk of being exposed to Alzheimer even though it is paramount to take note of the dosage since you tend to pay attention to necessary and unnecessary things when the brain is over aroused. Side effect of coffee is deprivation from sleep when taken close to bedtime. Taking a few cups of coffee in a day is good but avoid taking the quantity that will interfere with your sleep and concentration because getting a good sleep is essential for proper functioning of the brain.

Vitamin B-12 and the Brain

Shortage of vitamin B-12 in the body can cause short memory, poor concentration and make the brain shrink. The foods that give vitamin B-12 includes fish, dairy, meat, soy milk and poultry. It is good to have proper intake of meat in order to avoid its shortage otherwise neurotoxicity is one of the most severe damage cause by low Vitamin B-12 level in the body.

Optimum sleep

During sleep, your brain tends to combine different memories, encoding them in pattern between neurons in such a way that can be easily recovered. Your brain also eliminates unnecessary information during sleep enabling you to only remember useful ones. After closing a book and going to bed, your brain still continues to process the information and it solidifies the information which has been acquired before sleep.

Sleep also eliminates toxic substance that accumulates during the day. These toxins has tendency to expose you to the risk of Alzheimer disease. The best way to give your brain optimum sleep is to choose a consistent sleeping time daily. It will help you stay sharp and alert the following day.

Vitamin B-6 and its Cognitive Benefits

The production of mood-regulating hormones and neurotransmitters is facilitated by Vitamin B-6. It aids the communication between nerve cells in your body. The symptoms of the shortage of vitamin B-6 includes irritability, nervousness, depression and short-term memory loss. Vitamin B-6 is being researched for its numerous benefits for mental health. It has already been suggested a wonderful supplement to enhance cognition. The food sources of vitamin B-6 includes dairy products, beef liver, carrots, grains and spinach.

Eat well

Eating good food nourishes your body and help the person to stay sharp and alert. Vegetables, fruits, grains and a minimal amount of seeds and nuts which are rich in vitamins and minerals are healthy for the brain. Getting enough calories is paramount for staying sharp and alert hence it is advisable not to skip breakfast to ensure adequate mental concentration. Avoid sugary drinks since they only contain huge calories without useful nutrients when compared to other drinks. Modafinil can also help you to stay sharp and alert when taken with proper nutrition.

Vitamin D’s Role in Cognition

The receptors of vitamin D can also be found in the brain since the vitamin helps in clearing amyloid plaques which are major deposits of protein that are present in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by cognitive impairment and dementia which can also be traced with a low amount of vitamin D concentration. Some of the sources of vitamin D food includes orange juice, fortified milk and ready to eat cereals.

Workout Your Body and mind

The flow of blood to your brain becomes reduced when performing aerobic workout but as soon as you stop, highly oxygenated blood flows to the brain at a higher rate.  This excess flow of blood to your brain makes you stay alert and sharp. This is one of the reasons why constant exercise increases your problem-solving skills making and help you to process information at a faster rate.

Learning skills that are mentally demanding helps to boost your memory. You can try different activities in a various cognitive domain such as learning a new language or playing Sudoku game. Working out of your brain is as important as exercise of any other part of the body.

Folate and Mental State

The production of neurotransmitters and hormones that are associated with anxiety, depression and mood disorders are often associated with the deficiency of folate. Shortage of folate in the body can lead to irritability, mental sluggishness and forgetfulness. According to Ontario Healthy Technology Assessment series, there is usually a slow reduction in mental capabilities among patients with mild cognitive impairment when their diet was supplemented with folate and vitamin B-12. Beans, whole grains, avocado, juice, cereal and fortified milk are some of the food that are rich in folate. Folate is recommended vitamin supplement for the pregnant women. Folate and Vitamin B-12 are the most important vitamins for the improving cognition.

Interact Socially

Ability to interact socially increases your ease of multitasking and keeps your mind sharp and alert. Some conversations involve your attention on what the other person is saying as you also have to prepare what to say. Research has shown that people who experience rejection find it hard to remember things and pay attention.

Interacting with new people, doing new adventures and learning new things can boost your brain activity and help you stay sharp and alert. In other words, activities such as watching movies with friends and playing games won’t keep you sharp and alert instead you can discuss your favorite novel with your friend as this can help to enhance your brain activity.

Cognitive Function and Antioxidants

Higher intake of antioxidants, vitamin C and E will lead to a minimal risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E food sources include wheat germ, leafy greens, seeds, nuts and vegetable oil while vitamin C sources include a variety of vegetables and fruits. Some researchers have suggested that Vitamin E supplementation delays cognitive decline. There has been no adverse interaction seen between Vitamin E and modafinil so their combination can help your brain to stay sharp and alert.


In some countries, you might need to meet your doctor to help you acquire this drug legally. For instance, you can legally buy modafinil online in the USA if you are experiencing situations like shift work disorder or narcolepsy and in some cases, it can be prescribed for situations like depression, ADHD and ADD. Even though most people have access to a legal prescription of modafinil, they still prefer to get it at a cheaper rate since the cost is about $400 for up to 30 pills which is quite high. For personal use and applications, some countries may favor the importation of prescription drugs like modafinil. It is also advisable to seek the consent of professionals as the rules associated with buying modafinil varies across countries.

Some people who live in countries like India prefer to buy modafinil from an internationally recognized pharmacy with the aim of transporting it back to their residential place. The country you are residing in decides whether it is ideal to bring the medications across the border by yourself or you just need to buy the drug online after which it can be sent to your desired address as long as you are not considering the option of selling or commercializing the drug once it has been shipped to your own country. In some countries like Canada where importation of modafinil is illegal, your product might be subjected to seizure and ban by customs officials.